Educational Services

The Educational Services Administrators (ESA) division was created for school district administrators serving as assistant superintendents, program directors, program coordinators, as well as representatives from the Arizona Department of Education. It is governed by its own elected Executive Board, and its purposes and objectives are consistent with those of ASA while still focusing on the issues related to the membership of ESA.

If you would like to be a part of some of the most rewarding networking experiences of your career, please consider membership in the Educational Services Administrators (ESA) division of ASA. The opportunities you will receive and the information you will gain are invaluable.

Click here for the Constitution and Bylaws of the Educational Service Administration Division.

Overview of ESA Membership:

  • Active ESA members are eligible for election to the ESA Executive Board which is the governing arm for the division. Division officers include president, president-elect, past president, vice president, and secretary-treasurer. Other members of the Executive Board include regionally-elected delegates who provide representation of the membership at-large.
  • There are seven levels of membership in the division: Active, Associate, Graduate Student, Honorary, Retired, Business, and Institutional.
  • Persons holding an active administrative certificate, who are employed as a school administrator for at least one-half of their working day, are eligible for active member status. Active members are entitled to all rights and privileges of ASA and ESA.
  • Persons serving in administrative positions who do not hold state certification are eligible for associate membership. Associate members are entitled to all rights and privileges of ASA and ESA, except the right to hold office or participate in the association‘s legal assistance program.

Division Officers

Dr. Eric Dueppen
, Chief Academic Officer
Creighton Elementary School District

Robyann Musil,
 Dir. of Talent & Recruitment
Littleton Elementary School District
Robyann Musil, Curriclum & Instruction Director
Littleton Elementary School District
Dr. Stephen Poling,
 Asst. Superintendent
Dysart Unified School District

Functional Representatives

Dr. Heather Cruz, Assistant Superintendent
Cartwright Elementary School District
Cara Herkamp, Curriculum Director
Cave Creek Unified