What does keynoter Eric Sheninger say about the conference.

ASA Mission Statement
The mission of Arizona School Administrators is to promote and support educational excellence in school leadership.
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2020 Helios
2020 Helios
2018 Valley Schools
2020 The Trust
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ASA Is Searching for It's Next Executive Director

ASA's Executive Director, Dr. Mark Joraanstad will be retiring at the end of 2021-22 SY.


Upcoming Events

Event will be highlighted as information becomes available.

Principal Mentoring Program

July 7, 2021 & more-Qualified Evaluator Training

October 24-26-Fall Leadership Conference

Awards Deadline

October 29, 2021 – All AZ Superintendent of the Year (for small, medium & large districts)

April 9, 2021 – ASA Distinguished Administrator Award

April 9, 2021 – Dr. Raymond Sterling Kellis Leadership Award

April 9, 2021 – Elementary Principal Rookie of the Year

October 15, 2021 – AASA National Superintendent of the Year

March 30, 2021 – NAESP National Distinguished Principal Award

February 25, 2022 – NAESP Outstanding Assistant Principal of the Year

April 9, 2021 – NASSP National Principal of the Year

November 1, 2021 – NASSP National Assistant Principal of the Year

April 30, 2021 – NASSP Digital Principal of the Year

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