ASA Elementary Division Presents

The ABCs of S.E.A.L.

Strengthening Achievement, Behavior, and Culture with Social Emotional, and Academic Learning

A four hour engaging professional development with
Dr. Joelle Hood from Thriving YOUniversity.

Research is clear that social and emotional skills are foundational for success in school, college, the workplace, and life. Research also supports that if we want SEL to be successful and sustainable with students, then it must start with the adults. It is NOT something that we just “give” to students.

In this highly active and engaging session, participants will explore the research supporting S.E.A.L. (Social, Emotional, and Academic Learning) and take part in self-reflection, discussions and activities that they can immediately replicate with their students and colleagues. Participants will explore the competencies of S.E.A.L., the teaching practices that strengthen S.E.AL. and how to infuse S.E.A.L. into their daily practices. The experiential learning in this session is designed to help participants have a deeper understanding of S.E.A.L. in order to strengthen their own social-emotional competencies, boost their efficacy to model and teach these skills to students, and to build the capacity to infuse this mindset into site and classroom practices.

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  1. Participants will have a better understanding of Social Emotional and Academic Learning and learn the research that supports the importance of intentionally and consistently building S.E.A.L. and well-being practices into daily work practice.
  1. Participants will engage in activities designed to pique their own “SEALf-reflection” and ignite their passion to strengthen their own Social-Emotional skills as well as boosting the skills of their students.
  1. Participants will learn easy-to-implement strategies to strengthen Social Emotional skills and well-being in themselves and their students and will walk away with activities and practices that they can implement at the site and in their classrooms immediately.
  1. Students will be positively impacted through the learning and growth of staff. Social Emotional Learning isn’t another thing on the plate. It is the plate. SEAL isn’t another thing TO DO, it is a way TO BE. Participants will walk away with strategies, skills, and practices designed to enhance staff and student engagement, efficacy, and achievement.

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