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Arizona DataResults-Based Funding Formula Webinar
Results-Based Funding Formula Powerpoint/PDF
Arizona DataSpecial Education: Why it Costs and Why Everyone Has a StakePDF/Powerpoint9.14.17
Legal IssuesEndrew Ruling Analysis AASA on SPEDOnline Article3.23.17
Legal IssuesKaepernick kneeling San Pasqual DecisionOnline Article1.9.18
Legal IssuesPTA/ Parent Group Funding GuidelinesOnline ArticleJune 2017
General Education IssuesChronic Absenteeism Ed. DiveOnline Article3.29.17
General Education IssuesFinding and Keeping Educators-Morrison InstitutePDF/PowerPoint5.16.17
Educator StrategiesHattie What WorksPDFJune 2017
Educator StrategiesHattie What Doesn't WorkPDFJune 2015
Cognitive ScienceScience of Learning (Cognitive Science)PDF2015
Educator StrategiesSix Common Mistakes That Undermine MotivationPDFMay 2014
General Education IssuesTeacher Bias Affects AchievementOnline Article5.18.17
Arizona DataTELL Survey Results 2017PDF/PowerPoint2017
General Education IssuesThirty Million Word Gap (Summary)PDF2003
A-F Related IssuesChoosing the Right Growth MeasureOnline Article2014
A-F Related IssuesDisconnect Between Test Scores and Life OutcomesOnline Article11.7.16
A-F Related IssuesHow States Should Redesign Accountability SystemsOnline Article2017
A-F Related IssuesProficiency vs. Growth DebateOnline Article1.19.17
Ed Tech19 Websites-free stock videosOnline Article2.27.18
Federal LawESSA Cheat Sheet: What's in the New Testing Regulations?Online Article4.21.16
Student DisciplineRestorative JusticePDF10.11.17
General Education IssuesDoes Athletic Success Come at the Expense of Academic SuccessPDF2.6.13
General Education IssuesAcademic Value of Non-AcademicsPDFWinter, 2012