ASA Distinguished Administrator Award

At the ASA Summer Conference, a Distinguished Administrator from each division (Elementary, Secondary, Middle Level, Superintendents, Educational Services, and Higher Education) will be honored. These are selected by a committee from the nomination forms submitted.

Application Requirements

1. The person selected must be an active member of ASA and been a member at least six months. Call ASA at 1-800-472-9753 or (602) 252-0361 to verify membership.

2. The person is recognized by peers and ASA affiliate members for providing outstanding service to their division, ASA and profession.

Selection Criteria

1. The Administrator acts to produce a positive climate, high morale among students, staff and colleagues, and improved educational programs and student achievement.

2. The Administrator is moving successfully to implement the philosophy and goals of the school/district.

3. The Administrator involves the community in the life of the school/district and builds community support for education.

4. The Administrator is involved in community services outside contractual obligations.

5. The Administrator is involved in professional growth education and membership in professional associations.

6. Must not have received this Award within the past five years (including this school year).

Deadline: March 1, 2019